Everybody has a musical bone in their body; they just haven’t discovered it yet. Who hasn’t heard of Troy Bolton, the star captain of the east high basketball team? After all, he found his knack for music when he met his muse, Gabriella. So why not find your muse (maybe you already have one ) and come sing for them in this category?

Vocals (Eastern and Western)

  • Round one will be an elimination round, only qualifying delegates will proceed to round 2.
  • Delegates can perform a mash-up or a cover of a pre-existing song of any genre.
  • Each performance must not be above 3 minutes in round 1. 
  • In the final round, performance can be upto 4 minutes. Participants will be given a minute to set up before the performance.
  • Karaoke tracks may be used, provided there are no back-up vocals in them.
  • Instruments may also be used.
  • The inclusion of inappropriate content will result in disqualification.



  • 180 seconds time limit.
  • Participants must have their instrument tuned and ready before their name is called out
  • Incase of instrument failure, participants must come up with an alternative on the spot: they may choose to continue after finding an alternative or resign. (e.g strings snapping)